• Yestimun® is a trade mark of the German producer of beta-glucan Leiber GmbH.
  • Yestimun® is a 100% natural product, made from premium brewer’s yeast, which is grown on malted barley, hops and water. No additional raw materials or chemicals!
  • Yestimun® is extracted in Germany in accordance with the German purity law from 23th april 1516 г.;
  • Yestimun® is with minimum 85% purity level, achieved thanks to an innovative technology without the use of agressive chemical substances;
  • Yestimun® Beta-Glucan is a natural and effective high quality immune supporting ingredient. This is proven by the results of several clinical studies showing a significant reduction in common cold infections during winter.
  • Yestimun® is a light beige coloured fine spray powder, which is clear and neutral in taste and smell. Therefore, the dispersible ingredient can be easily added to various product formulations, including liquid applications. There is a large variety of possible application formats, such as dairy products & milk powder, instant drinks & juice, snack bars, drink shots, tablets & capsules as well in combination with vitamins and minerals.

Bionia Ltdis official distributor of Leiber GmbH!

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