BIONIA ROSE HIP (Rosa canina L.) is 100% natural product. No additives or preservatives. Patented product line: „Made by NATURE.“  It is a natural source of:

  • Vitamin: A,E,K
  • Pectin, flavonoids, fruit sugars
  • Minerals

BIONIA ROSE HIP contains only finely ground pieces of whole rose hip fruit, dried using a custom-built method of production for easier consumption and long-lasting preservation. It is a quality product manufactured in Bulgaria.

Note: BIONIA ROSE HIP contains Hip seeds due to their rich vitamin and omega fatty acids content.

BIONIA ROSE HIP is a 100% natural product, therefor the proportion ​​of macro & micro nutrients contained may vary. As a multivitamin product rose hip is used as a daily food supplement and is not a substitute for a varied diet. It contains <1% natural clove.

Rose hip fruits contain a unique combination of Antioxidants  – flavonoids and natural vitamin A, E and K.

  • Rose Hip acts favorably on the Excretory System: kidneys, gall bladder, urinary bladder, bladder.
  • Rose Hip affects positively the Cardiovascular System. Flavonoids support capillary health and vitamin K sustains normal blood coagulation.
  • Rose Hip benefits the function of the Digestive and Respiratory Systems. It impacts positively the intestinal peristalsis.
  • Rose Hip maintains the immunity of the body due to its rich vitamin content.

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Preparation & recommended daily dose: 3 tablespoons daily can be added to fresh juice or to make a nourishing shake. It may also be added to Yogurt, Soup, or as flavouring to any dish. Alternatively can be used as an infusion by adding to hot water. The product is not a medicine. It is recommended as a food supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Rose hip – recommended daily dose – 3 tbsp
Vitamins In daily dose 3 tbsp ≈18 g In 150 g
Vitamin Е 2,1 mg 17,5 mg
Vitamin А 277 µg 2 308 µg
 Vitamin К 79,65 µg 664 µg


Vitamins from natural products are easy to absorb by the body, over dose is not possible and has no known side effects. Dried rose hip does not change its properties with prolonged storage.

Rose Hip is suitable for children and adults. For babies it must be filtered. Can be used by pregnant women, smokers, after trauma, stress or infection and in hot climate.


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